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Through a Daughter's Eyes

Available October 15, 2019

What do you say when someone apologizes for the death of your dad? "It seemed like we were watching a sad movie that we were really invested in, but it could be turned off by the click of a remote. Life would automatically switch back to normal, and everything would be okay again. Looking into the faces of my best friends, I saw that it wasn't going to happen." Thirteen-year-old Mary, the middle of three girls, tells the raw and honest account of her family's journey when her dad is diagnosed with cancer. Through a Daughter's Eyes is a heart-wrenching true story about family, strength, and persevering through hardship.

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A Bit About Me

Hi, I'm Mary, and I wrote a book.

I'm originally from West Fargo, North Dakota, and that is where my book, Through a Daughter's Eyes, takes place. I went to college at Minot State University where I earned my English Education degree. I spent the next four years teaching English for grades eight through twelve, coaching high school basketball, getting engaged, and moving to Denver, Colorado. Together, my husband and I spent our first year in Denver exploring the mountains, cheering on the Nuggets and the Rockies, and discovering unique wineries and breweries. In my own time, I read as much as I can and managed to complete my first novel.

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The Background of Through a Daughter's Eyes

On and off over the course of the past ten years, I have been working on writing a book about my dad, his cancer, and the journey my family went through. In detail, I wrote about the week that he passed away, starting with the night he died and ending with my mom, my sisters, and I at my great-uncle’s beach house in Oregon.

I initially began to write this story when I was seventeen to have as a document for memory’s sake. As it developed, I had the idea to give it as a gift to my mom, sisters, and grandparents. Then, recently, there was a woman that I have never met, whose husband was a cancer patient at the Roger Maris Cancer Center in Fargo where I grew up. In trying to find a way to help her through her grieving, my mom offered her a draft of my book. She read about a man that she never met and a family that she did not know. She told my mom that it helped her to realize that she was not alone, and it answered some of her questions. If my story can do that for one person, I thought there might be some reason to try to publish it, and here we are.

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The purpose of writing is to get in touch with real people, right?  If you'd like to connect with me, fill out the information below.

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